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Natman, Just answer one simple question. This assumes that an HD situation occurs in the middle of the night and there is very little ambient lighting, the BG is mobile, and you are at a relatively close range (no more than 10 yards). In general, which system will more quickly acquire the target; bead or ghost ring?
If it's that dark, you should shine your light and identify your target. HD is not combat; you can't just blast away at a form in the dark lest it turn out to be your neighbor stumbling into the wrong house after a night at the bar.

A GRS is not faster than a bead, but it's just as fast and delivers a better chance of a hit where you want it.

Than answer this. Does either system generally require significantly more practice time for a shooter to become proficient under extreme stress, as in a home defense situation.

My point is what is the better system for a non pro. I do expect the lay shotgunner not to just to purchase and park a weapon, but I do not expect them to perform like SWAT.
This is a good point. GRS are without a doubt a better system for a beginner under stress because the rear sight gives a clear indicator of where your head is supposed to be. It's all too easy to keep your head high in order to see your target better and with a bead you can shoot right over your target, even at HD distances.

You probably know this better than myself, but the fact is that many target shooters prefer NO sights. That does not mean that they do not point there gun at the target, but a well fit and mounted shotgun points where they look.
Again, wingshooting. And again, I'll agree a bead, or nothing, is better than a GRS for wingshooting. It's different than HD, unless you're repelling an invasion of vampire bats or something similar.

If your shotgun fits perfectly and you mount it perfectly, then the GRS will be lined up perfectly. Best of both worlds.

Look, there's plenty of room for personal preference in this and if a bead works for you, that's great. I just wanted to dispel some of the misunderstandings and outright nonsense that seems to surround GRS.
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