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Not the same safe, but a secured "locker". More like a closet with a metal exterior door with dead bolt lock in it. Plus the "gun room" that contains the safes, ammo locker, work bench, and reloading bench is also secured with a metal door with 2 dead bolt locks. No windows, 3 concrete exterior walls, and the partition wall is also framed with metal studs, reinforced, then dry walled on the outside, exterior wood paneling on the inside. In addition it is in the back of a laundry room with cloths racks in front of the door so it is not as noticeable. Then of course there are the alarms.
Thats not a room. Thats a bunker!

Looking at the photo above, I now have ammo envy....
Indeed! In my Lotto dreams I don't have that much ammo. I am not worthy!

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