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Just to be honest, you don't need another rifle, but you probably already know that. The hotter 270 loads will equal or in many cases beat 270 WSM loads. The 270 with 130 gr bullets will equal 7 mag or 300 mag trajectory and with modern bullets kill stuff just as dead. Your 270 will do anything a 25-06 will do, and do it better with marginally more recoil. Throw in 30-06 and 280 if you like and you are still splitting hairs ballistically between all of them.

Everything you are considering is just a duplicate of what you already own with very slightly different ballistics. If you just have to buy another rifle I'd go in a completely different direction. A lightweight in something like 243, 260, 7-08 for example. Or go big, get a 375. Perhaps a lever action. I cannot see 3 nearly identical rifles that fill the same role.
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