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I really really like .17 HMR. I think it is a brilliant little cartridge that is very capable against varmint up to the size of coyote. Pinpoint accuracy.

I think that if I ever purchased a .17 HM2 that I would probably like it a lot. it would probably do everything I need it to do with less blown apart squirrels than .17 HMR does.

My .17 HMR is a rifle that I intend to keep for my entire life, so I really do hope that its popularity increases and it drives ammo prices down.

I can hit a golfball sized target at 100 yards with it, and then do it again and again. I practice shooting symbols out of playing cards from 65 yards after I started making single hole groups.

If you don't own a .17 HMR, you won't regret buying one. I like it so much that I own a Taurus .17 HMR revolver, which I also like a lot.
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