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bladed bolts ruin too much meat?

Seems less than a perfect kill method.

Seems like they're designed for the more likely miss than the hit
The Eastman Shockers (an imitation of the old Zwickey Judo Points) and the V-3s are basically blunts that use the impact of the shaft to stun/kill/cripple. The idea behind the wires/springs and blades is to grab the ground and make the arrow stand up and be easily found after missing. Anyone that has ever hunted small game with a bow, knows you miss a lot. With regular field points and broad-heads, shooting from a standing position and shooting at something on the ground, the arrows tend to snake under the grass and undergrowth and are impossible to find. With carbon arrows costing up to $10 a piece, you don't want to lose too many.
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