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Natman, Just answer one simple question. This assumes that an HD situation occurs in the middle of the night and there is very little ambient lighting, the BG is mobile, and you are at a relatively close range (no more than 10 yards). In general, which system will more quickly acquire the target; bead or ghost ring?

Than answer this. Does either system generally require significantly more practice time for a shooter to become proficient under extreme stress, as in a home defense situation.

My point is what is the better system for a non pro. I do expect the lay shotgunner not to just to purchase and park a weapon, but I do not expect them to perform like SWAT.

I will add that I can see why a LEO might prefer GSR, but they are more likely to have greater need of more precision sights. They have to perform in outdoors situations requiring accuracy at greater distances. Should they go into dark indoors environments, they are hopefully equipped and trained with the use of gun lights. Whatever, I remind you we are speaking here of Home Defense.

You probably know this better than myself, but the fact is that many target shooters prefer NO sights. That does not mean that they do not point there gun at the target, but a well fit and mounted shotgun points where they look.

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