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I just watched the video of you or somebody shooting the Tar. I noticed 4 feed jams or FTF out of 14 or so rounds . Not to change the subject but you seem like the perfect guy to ask this . Is that normal for the model 60 ? I know you have many of them so you would know how reliable they are . I have a older model 60 and it hates bulk ammo . Mine jams at least that much unless I use CCI mini mags or better . Is the model 60 and the 10/22 about the same when it comes to jamming or ammo issues ? Does one stand out one way or the other ?
thats me shootin the TAR21

ive read that its normal on its my first time using the older Marlin 60's and i was using Winchester 555 bulk packs that night. ive read that the most common FTF/FTE is due to the 2 piece feed throat, tight front screws, burrs inside the receiver, dirty feed throat, ejector spring is too high or out of position and/or bulk ammo

ill be using CCI next range trip this weekend and made those fixes to my other Marlin 60 conversions to see if it'll help

my 10/22 jams because of some bulk ammo. its expected

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