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I've never had issue with a stock. My standard fits perfectly. Maybe post picks and I can help recommend a solution.

Sounds about right for a lighter , the gas has less resistance than the higher grain.
And most noted from watching my friends m44s is the amount of excess gass and power still burning.
This reaction can look even more dramatic with a muzzle break.
It's really dependent on the bullets you're putting in it.

Project update:
Bought peper laminate thumbhole stock from. Boyd's
dropped in no mods needed. Read as it's for a round receive mosin 9130
I have a bipod on way. I will use a m1 Garand sling as I have a spare one. Will post pics and hopefully a video

Now i need ammo... i prefer the soft point silver bear if anyone wonders

I spoil my mosin. Iteresting enough i used the glow in dark paint on sights and it didnt work. I was sad, repainted my sights yellow. Bayonet works great. Boyds stock feels great and it perfectly aligns your eyes to irons
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