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Learnt an important lesson today.

Went to the range today, with my dad who's visiting.

Fired off some 9mm, 22's and my .38spl and .44Mag reloads.

.44s went off without a problem, but out of 40 odd .38s, there were two weak rounds. They sounded more like a pop than a bang. Luckily I was shooting out of a snub as it only twigged what had happened on the second occassion: I'd had two squib loads. I even found one of my .38 bullets on the floor about 5 yards from the bench.

Had I had a longer barrel, perhaps it would not have made it out the other end, in which case the follow up shot to the first, undiagnosed, squib could have made a real mess of my gun!!

So the question now is "how?"

I loaded all those .38s on a Lee turret, with a Lee Pro auto-measure fitted so as long as I kept pulling the lever there is little chance of a badly made cartridge, unless I only pulled the lever half way on the charging station, which I can't imagine happening.

So what other possible reasons are there?
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