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Questions in regards to AK receivers, parts kits and others.

Okay, so I'm doing research on what would be necessary to SBR an AK using either a Yugo M92 parts kit or a Bulgarian parts kit.

The question I have is this. Is it possible just to buy the reciever and the necessary parts to complete the rifle without having to purchase a complete rifle and then cannibalizing it.

Like an AR15, perhaps buying what I can relate to as "The lower reciever" and a barrel.

Would it be cheaper/possible to do it this way? If so, what kind of receiver would I want to consider? I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to AK' and the manufacturers of the various recievers. I do know that milled ones are more expensive compared to stamped, NODAK SPUD (sp) is a name that crosses my screen and is spouted on videos more often than others, should I look for something manufactured by them?

There are further hoops that I know I'll have to jump through in order to build this rifle (whenever that may be so long as the laws allow it, you never know what will happen with the current administration)

As I understand it, you must have completed a From 1(?) which is legal documentation and registration of the "serially controlled" reciever stating that is now a "Short Barreled Rifle", pay a $200 tax stamp and have the form signed by your local law enforcements chief stating that you are allowed to have such a firearm.

I was told that another route may be taken to make it so that I won't run into any legality issues if I were to have my friends fire this rifle which was to place the rifle under a "gun trust" (Something along the lines that it could technically be considered an illegal transfer if not done properly)

Any information regarding this would be appreciated as well as any clarifications on things that I may have overlooked or may have misinterpreted.

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