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How timely is this thread ? Just this past week my partner and I went to the range and he was trying out some .223 loads in his custom Savage bolt rifle. The best he could do was 1 1/4 inch with this load . I checked his loads and saw that he had 4 different head stamps on his .223 military brass. All had been trimmed to length but not weighed or sorted. My partner could not believe this to be an issue so I gave him 20 of my sorted and weighed Lake City brass of the same year and we duplicated his load to the "T" with the cases being the only difference. We returned to the range 2 days later and fired groups measuring .725 inch. with a .010 further setback ( I take a Lee hand press to the range for this ) we got the rounds down to an honest .410 inch group. Maybe this isnt the case with all brass but you be the judge if it is worth the time and effort. I kinda like smaller groups therefore I try to buy larger lots of same run brass , process them all when they first arrive by running them through my FL sizing die, trim, uniform the pockets and deburr the flash holes then sort them by weight and put tags in the boxes showing their exact specs, give them a lot # and history as to times fired, sized, trimmed and so forth. OCD ? Maybe. I like to think anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. If I dont do it right today I will just end up taking twice as much time to do it over tomorrow
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