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Gun control is indeed about control and power, as stated; governmental control. Let us cut to the chase. If one looks at the original intent of the Founders, an armed populace was to insure freedom; externally from opposing powers, and internally from any government which seeks to limit the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. There are indeed those in our government who fear us; freedom loving gun owners. They do indeed seek to, ultimately, seperate us from our weapons, and have incrementally succeeded. Historically, once a population is disarmed, tyranny follows close upon its heels. I hope and pray that we do not have to relearn this lesson,for it will be very painful. We live in a country deeply divided, and we could be thrown into chaos by any one of a number of things. I am certain of one thing; if we lose the right to our weapons, this country is gone, if not forever, for a very long time. The light of true freedom will be extinguished and we will be responsible for its death.
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