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I more or less refer to the phenomenon I call "magnum creep". In the old days, a 30-30 or 30-06, etc, etc, was sufficient to kill deer. Then, the magnum craze began. Suddenly, nothing less than a 300 Win. mag or 7mm mag, etc, etc. would do.
I totally agree

The same has happened with handguns and handgun cartridges. The lowly old 38 Special now couldn't penetrate a T-shirt....according to many... even though it was apparently perfectly adequate to stop bad guys for decades (and those bad guys don't wear any more clothes now than before...
No the 38 was getting good guys killed in droves because it failed miserably. It hang on in LE because many lacked administrators liked the political implications of magnums. Many people just cannot effectively use a 357 magnum.
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