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Originally Posted by bamaranger View Post
I have never shot SST's, but the thin skinned, boat-tailed, polymer pointed SST seems in appearance anyhow, to be Hornady's version of the Nosler Balistic Tip (BT).

The BT was all the rage here for a while. From a 7mm Mag, the 140 BT was a virtual hand grenade. I do not get that kind of results from my 130/.270's, but I cannot drive them in excess of 3000 fips from my 22" ADL.

Our deer average maybe 150 live for mature buck. Anything over 175 is a giant, and 200+ is all but unheard of. The slick, qick opening BT/SST clan do very well on our cretters.

At least one name writer has declared the BT the ideal whitetail round. I'd think the SST is similar.
Well I cant complain on the bullet performance. Did its job and no waisted meat on the exit side.
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