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Just out of curiosity, how do you quantify the terminal effectiveness of 9mm, .357 Magnum, and .45 ACP and the degree of hearing damage each will cause (since we already know that all three can cause some degree of permanent hearing damage)? After all, it seems to me that unless such things can be quantified, then the above statement is more opinion than fac
The point I was trying to make is 9mm and .45acp do not reach the decibel levels of the .357 magnum, not even close considering just a small rise in the decibel levels is a huge increase in sound. It's pretty obvious the higher the decibel level the more potential to cause major hearing loss so I don't know what you mean it cant be quantified. The point I am also trying to make is the .357 magnum isn't a magic round that will do anything the .45 or 9mm cant do as a self defense round. The .357 magnum is punishing to your ears so if I can decrease the chance of major hearing damage while still using a capable round like the 9mm or .45 I see no reason not to.

I'll take the ear damage over losing my hide.
Rather have some hearing loss than your life or your loved ones.
So in any given situation you really think the .357 will get you and your family out alive where a 9mm or .45 would not? Some people think you add a couple hundred FPS and some razzle dazzle and you automatically have a magic man stopper. The person getting shot isn't going to realize if the 125gr round that hit them came out of a 9mm at 1200 fps or a .357 at 1400 fps. I'll take larger capacity, easier followup shots, and less muzzle flash and noise over just a gain of a couple hundred FPS.
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