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When the story first broke, many of us said his union would support him and he'd keep his job, or get full benefits.

I suppose looking at it from the other side, it could be argued as stress related, or something, IF it was the only instance, but this guy has the wrong temperament to be a policeman. I know some of the best policemen in the USA, they are calm, cool, collected individuals that people respect and admire. No, this goes way beyond my opinion, or Daniel Harless's opinions on firearms. I hope that at the very least, they keep him on a probation for a long time. I'm not against second chances and I believe people can change. If he ever, ever treats someone like that again though, even if its the worst criminal on Earth, he should be permanently fired with loss of benefits. I doubt they'll do it though and I doubt he'll change. I hope we don't hear of him murdering someone someday.
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