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First post by kraigwy in thread:

Laser sights don't REPLACE iron sights, they supplement them. I have the CT sights on my 642. If I can see my sights I use them, in low light where I have difficulty seeing the sights I use my CT Laser Sight.

My LS are activated by squeezing a button on the grip. You don't have to turn on or off a switch.

The best advantaged I've found in using the CT is in dry firing. When you dry fire using the LS you get instant feed back as to what is happening on the target.

Again I think they are a valuable "supplement" to my iron sights, but not a replacement for them.

...mirrors my opinion on LS's.

Very useful tool/aid for a SD pistol but not a replacement for iron sights or practicing with irons. The LS's on my SD pistols are 'grip' button activated as well. Don't think I'd put a LS on my pistol that had just a 'constant' on/off switch.

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