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Okay, as I said, I've read full volumes of magazines running from the mid-1970s thru today. I don't live under a rock, I *do* understand how gun magazines push an agenda and attempt to deliver for an industry, I truly do. But the way the .17 HMR was picked up by the shooting public was a reality, not magazine marketing & conjecture.

In the article talking of the then-new .17 HM2, they were very clear that the round itself was developed hand in hand with the .17 HMR, but it's release was well-delayed as Hornady was the only source for the bullets and they couldn't even keep up with the demand for the .17 HMR, so they really wanted to delay the intro of the .17 HM2. In any case, the article talked about the extreme accuracy of the .17 HM2 compared to the .22LR and the idea that just about -any- gun that was designed to run .22LR could easily be adapted (by a manufacturer, obviously) for .17 HM2 and the ammo would be much less expensive than the .17 HMR.

I never fell for either round, matter of fact--I've never been drawn to the .22 WMR either, so I don't have a dog in the fight. But it seems very easy to believe that if you put a high-quality, new tech bullet in the place of a 100+ year old designed heeled slug that looks like a dry, crusty booger -- it's likely to be a bit more accurate. The industry never delivered in making all kinds of .22 HM2 guns, but the idea seems rational even if it wasn't popular.

As to the .45 GAP, this one seems to actually anger people and I suppose things just plain get this way when you attempt to go head to head with American history. Fundamentally, with the emotion stripped from it, the idea behind the round makes a heap of sense IMO -- you take a 100+ year old round that runs a VERY low (for these days) pressure and you shorten it, ramp the pressure up a bit and you can replicate it in a smaller package.

Problem is, it would be like inventing a new lightbulb that works just as well, is maybe a bit brighter, uses just a bit less electricity, is a bit more durable, but has a screw-in base with a left-hand thread that is too small to fit every existing light fixture on the planet and the public just thinks you are an IDIOT for creating this ignorant product and they get royally offended at it.
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