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How do people respond at the range when they see those .22's?
reactions are definitely priceless and hilarious. its something you definitely dont expect to see at the range. if you shoot with me or when i bring my friends, family and/or coworkers, i usually tell them to just watch people's facial reactions at the range.

1) kids are staring at them asking their dads/uncles if they can shoot them.
2) first time and new shooters are staring, taking pictures, complimenting, etc
3) average shooters typically say theyre awesome, cool, positive comments
4) vietnam/iraq veterans/military think theyre awesome and would love to have a .22 version of the rifle they carried during their service.
5) teenagers/COD gamers are telling me how badass or tacticool it is, .50 cal this, sniper that, haha
6) range officers and serious long range shooters are mixed reactions with cool, funny or disappointed.

i havent had any negative comments in person. just the internets.

usually people and the range officers are nervous because they see me strolling in with my gun cart with the Barrett M82 and M200 Cheytac. had a couple of times where the range officers ask me if if its a real .50 ::weird:: and if i can shoot on the far end of the range due to the expected muzzle blast

i then tell them theyre all .22 conversions using a Ruger 10/22 and Marlins then i just see a mix of relief or sigh. then they think its cool because theyve never seen anything like it. its all smiles and grin from ear to ear. range officers, shooters and spectators just come up to me to chat and take a closer look at all my conversions. had a few kids, range officers, other shooters and a sheriff shoot my conversions. they all had fun and think theyre cool which makes me happy that theyre able to enjoy my creations.

usually the "serious" long precision shooters that came up to me were disappointed theyre not the real thing but they think its funny and cool afterwards. i usually get casual jokes from them about it being too heavy to shoot squirrels. i mean just as long as theyre not being a douche/snob about it then we're cool. i expected this type of reaction from them anyways. i guess its hard to be fun and serious at the same time?

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