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Robert 1811,

In an earlier post Super Sneaky Steve posted a vid of a .357 round which he thought impressive so I linked to some other vids of different rounds for comparison.

the only thing that really gets me when watching gel vids, whether its Tnoutdoors or brassfetcher etc (scubaoz has a lot although not as good) is that the results dont account for bone. Which is where my quandary comes into play.
Brassfetcher does have some vids and data where they employ simcast a simulated bone barrier but these can only be of limited use. They are not living bone, they are not radiused and they don't move. The actual point of gel is to help in building a better bullet. The usefulness of the test results and vids is to illustrate how they act on impact. Gel is not a substitute for animal flesh and bone.

Pick a good commercial bullet in a load you like and can shoot well and use that. There are no guarantees at all. Hunting deer or hogs may show what some rounds will do on them.

But I have a question. You say here...

A heavier bullet will break and shatter the bone AND keep going, a lighter bullet may reflect off (and depending on the direction cause more damage) But to me stopping power depends on the wound cavity, so if shooting someone in the gut = cardiac arrest in their heart then the bullet (apparently 125 grain) will cause that. That to me = 1 shot stop
I'm not sure I get what you're saying here. Do you mean that someone shot with a 125 gr. round from a .357 in the stomach will suffer a heart attack as a result, and that this makes the 125 gr. bullet performance superior and lead to a "one shot stop"? Is this what you meant?

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