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All of the guns you're looking at ....are showing up around my gun club ...where guys shoot Skeet and Sporting Clays - although O/U's still dominate the clay fields....

Maybe just hang around out there...and when you see someone that has a semi-auto talk to them about their gun --- how long they've had it, any issues, would they buy it again ....and if you show some interest, if you have some factory shells ....they'll probably let you put a few shells thru their gun.

Everybody has opinions about their guns ....especially if they've had any issues with them.

One issue on any wood stocked Benelli ( it can't have the comfort tech recoil supression system in it ) it will give you probably 25% more recoil than most any gas operated gun.

A semi-auto that hasn't been on your list ...but I think is worth looking at is a gun like the Browning Silver Hunter model in a 28" barrel. In my area they're selling new for around $ 900 - $1,000 I think...and I think that's a good buy.
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