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Well, her job was to protect the animals including the calf that was being attack.

I understand that...and this frail lady went up against a full grown wolf with an axe to protect another animals life. Not even another human life. She acted. We can sit here now and analyze whether what she did was the wisest thing to do or not but the bottom line is she acted as she felt she had to in an extremely time sensitive emergency.

The point of me posting the story was to point out the fact that there are people that will put themselves in harms way to protect a life(or what they value in their own life), especially a life of a defenseless child or an elderly person, regardless of the risks to themselves.

This same person, usually, after the dust settle's and the events of the emergency are over , they have the time to digest/analyze the chain of events, will be the first to admit that their actions were risky at best and maybe would have done some things differently but would still have reacted.

Too, there are people as well, that will talk and posture a good game via the internet or standing around a bunch of buddies in order to sound macho(for lack of better words) that freeze up like an ice cube in an emergency situation.

I'm sure we all personally know people in our lives that have proven themselves to fit into each category.

Glenn, correct me if I'm wrong but...

...We can sit back and psycho-analyze both categories of people(those who react,those that don't) to try and figure out what makes each act/think like they do and maybe even find some similar characteristics in the people involved in each category but we really don't know exactly why all people chose to do some of the things they do in an emergency situation.

Too, having relatives involved in both LE and Psychiatry/Psychology along with one relative specializing in Criminal Psychology, I'd like to commend you(and those in your field) for your work in counseling with the 'aftermath' of tragic events in LEO's/Emergency Responders lives.
Knowing that these LEO's/Emerg Resp. are often forced by the department to get crucial treatment makes the job of the departments Psychologists extremely difficult.
Tough enough to counsel someone that voluntarily seeks help let alone counsel a 'forced' client.
While your services may not be appreciated or viewed as needed by some(including some dept. brass), know your services ARE appreciated and have been very helpful in the lives of many others.

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