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Originally Posted by scsov509
Can you provide an example of when you might opt to keep a single action autoloader in condition 2 "for safety's sake"? Just curious when you might feel that condition 2 is safer or more advantageous than another condition.
When pocket carrying, or perhaps when the pistol is carried on web gear etc and the thumb safety might get disengaged.

For me pocket carrying something like my Jetfire, on Model 71 is the only time I do/did it. Cocking the hammer is faster than racking the slide. If you read the thread, you'll find that I've stated that condition 2 is in general the least safe way to have an exposed hammer, single action auto. The only reason condition 2 is 'unsafe' to any degree though is in the act of de-cocking, or cocking, with inertia firing pins you could hit the hammer with a hammer and it would not fire. So dropping it is not a worry.

Look, no one has to tell me that exposed hammer, single action pocket pistols are less safe and require more care than double action, striker fired, etc ones. I've been aware of that for 30+ years anyway. With todays choices of pocket pistols, carrying an exposed hammer, single action semi-auto isn't the best choice. However, if one does they are still faced with the choice of C&L, condition 2, or condition 3. I like condition 2, the reason being that once you pull a Jetfire out of your pocket and the safety has been disengaged without your knowledge, you won't think condition 2 is unsafe, compared to not being aware the pistol in your pocket is in condition 0.
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