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My experience with certain instructors hasnt been a good one in so much that, instead of teaching a student to succeed, they are set the student up for failure.

Going back to the disarm techniques, since Edward mentioned it...The simple drill of holding the pistol straight armed in front of you, for the opponent to take away/disarm, is pretty common, but also misused. I say this because most instructors dont teach beyond this, and a student presenting a firearm in a proper manner for being close is generally percieved as being wrong, since the instructor cant take it away, or has extreme difficulty in trying.

Had one want to do the drill with me, after the first couple of rounds of the same ole straight arm stuff, he went on to tell the class that he just showed how to disarm any police officer, and when I countered about lets try this as I would present a pistol in real life, in a close situation, he went on a rant about how law enforcement training/policy was wrong, etc... When we tried it later though, he never could disarm me, because I kept the pistol secured in the holster, did an open hand strike/push away/get distance/draw technique, which the instructor said was always wrong...This is just one example, because there are many ways to keep a firearm secured the best one can in a close situation. The most telling thing about this particular instructor thought the pistol was the only weapon on a duty belt...OC/Taser, cuffs, radio, flashlight, spare mags, clip knife, etc, are all good weapons someone can take away and use against an officer when your close.

Edit to add:

At least in my view, an instructor should help build on good things, creating a solid base, and expanding knowledge from there... Also, its good to keep a level of variety, so that the students dont fall in to tunnel vision either when looking at, or being in the middle of a situation. The "your doing it wrong" part also should be restricted... When I went through educational methodology so I can teach some classes, the main thing that was stressed was to find common ground with each student if possible, and work forward from there, as well as encouraging students to do better, instead of creating a situation in which the student can never succeed, or is alienated for some reason.

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