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Originally Posted by Gbro
How long would he have been able to live dangling in the tree?

Longer than I'd live if I fell to the ground. Long enough to use the phone in my pocket to call for help and long enough to wait for a ladder. Included in my vest is a foot strap to be used to take the weight off your groin. Plus, the odds of a mishap that leaves me with neither the top nor bottom of my stand within reach is remote. Particularly since they are attached to each other and would have to somehow fall off together. If the top falls, it lands on the bottom. If the bottom falls, the top catches it by the straps.

Originally Posted by Gbro
I have been in National Rescue competitions in the past (and still wear the belt buckle) and have seen teams with all the gear money can buy not complete an extraction safely.
That's hard to understand. You don't need "all the gear money can buy. You need about $80.
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