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Remington Model 600 chambered in...

6mm Rem is one of my go to carbines for Texas deerstand hunting. It's light weight and packs a punch. I have it topped off with an old 6x Weaver scope that shoots dead on at 100+ yds. The 6mm has similar ballistics to a .243 Win. maybe slightly hotter. It is very loud. The shots at my lease would be less than 150 yds. I've been thinking about letting my grandson shoot it at the range. He shoots my 5.56 Bushmaster now and loves it 'cause it's 'coooool'. My gs is 8 yrs. old and his mom(my daughter) thinks he's too young to hunt deer yet. I know I started hunting birds and deer at around 8 but it's a different world now. Once I take him hunting he could always shoot the .223 so he's comfortable with the gun and it's report. Don't want to scare him off of the sport. He hasn't asked to go hunting---he likes the range.

I usually shoot an old customized Mauser sporter chambered in .257 Roberts.
It is a fine shooter and can punch 1" groups at 100yds. with an old Redfield Widefield 2-7X scope. It is a little heavier than the Rem. 600.
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