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I didn't mean to hurt you, this is not what I want to do, you have a real nice collection of badass looking guns, but it would be more logic to have some of them shoot 9mm, .223 ou 308 etc.

like you said, it's your money and I respect that!

I'm still a noob to guns but I try to have different caliber to play with
dont worry. im not butt hurt. i get these types of negative comments a lot for doing something different. im used to it. just understand where im coming from and how many hours of fabrication it takes to create these custom dress up kits.

anyone with money can easily go buy a gun. id ask that same person to try making one of these conversions for himself or their kids. its not meant to be serious. its fun, addicting and you take pride into making something unique.

it would be nice to have them shoot higher calibers but i honestly dont think the dress up kits will stand up to the harder recoil which would make it unsafe. a .22LR is perfectly fine for these conversions. also i cant complain shooting 500 rounds for $15-$20. my wallet doesnt hurt as much compared to buying 500 rounds of .223 or 12 ga
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