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Its not always about the lowest price on these guns ....

I may seriously look at 25 high end revolvers at a big gun show / out of 1,000 or more revolvers there....and outright reject 15 or more of the ones I ask to pick up and inspect closely - based on condition alone. Its all the little things ...some spots in the barrel I don't like, a couple of scratches on the gun indicating something foolish happened ( like maybe it was dropped on a hard surface), something in the trigger doesn't feel right, screws on the frame are all buggered up, ...etc....

You can't do that on the internet....

We all have budgets ....but for a gun you're likely to keep for a lifetime ( like a high end S&W model 27 or a Coly Python ) ...a few hundred bucks over the next 30+ yrs is truly insignificant - in my opinion. Besides at a gunshow - you might get to meet the original owner..and talk to him about the gun, why he's selling it, etc...and its fun.
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