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Originally Posted by Edward429451
I don't want to try this demo with MLeake. He doesn't do it right.
That's funny right there.

I took a few years of martial arts training waaaayyyy back in the stone age. Washin-Ryu with Hidy Ochiai, if anyone cares.

One of the things I realized fairly quickly, and also fairly quickly realized that most newer practitioners don't realize, is that the early stages of learning are literally just enough to get you killed if you think you're ready to fight on the street.

Early training is much too regimented and structured to prepare someone for a No Rules street fight.

Certainly, there are things that can be learned quickly and can be very helpful but to the guy who thinks he's going to "take karate" and be able to fight people, he's in for some serious trouble.

I was friends with a guy who was a very high-level in several variations of martial arts. I don't remember the names now but he was 8th level black belt in at least a couple. He agreed with me and said that he figured it was somewhere in the 3rd degree range before most of the techniques were helpful in "unplanned", no rules street fights.
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