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This is like a bodybuilder with skinny legs... pointless to me!

You NEED a .22 rifle or two, but not that many!
would you say the same thing that its pointless to all the .22LR clone owners of an AR15, MP5, SCAR, SIG552, etc?

its my money and hobby that i enjoy ..............

why would you tell a gun enthusiast that i can only have 1 or 2 .22 rifle? you sound anti-gun.

some real counterparts are NFA items that cost over $30k a piece
some are illegal here in CA
some you cant even import to US.

my point is these are guns that i will never own and cant have, id rather make a .22 clone out of it and shoot 3 cents around for 4-5 hours a day having fun at the range.

keep your negative points to yourself.

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