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The Lee turret my brother has had to be modified for 300 RUM FYI... it wouldn't quite fit, and he had to do some grinding.

If I could own only one, (even though I haven't used it yet) it would be the ammo plant... If I want single stage, I can still use the case feeder and just crank them through empty stages. (And probably will for a while and later on on certain operations. I plan on sticking a LNL classic right next door to the Ammo Plant once its up and running however.

I went Hornady over RCBS for a number of very small reasons. They felt pretty equal to me over and over, but whenever there was a little thing I liked, or wanted, or was surprised by, it always seemed to be in Hornady's favor. Hornady's warranty on presses is just the slightest bit better. Both are lifetime, but RCBS has more hoops- dated proof of purchase, original retail purchaser only... While it sounds like with Hornady they don't care... it's their press, they'll fix t.

It's got the LNL system which I've seen a few bad reviews of, but an overwhelming number of positives...

It's International Red instead of John Deere Green.

I see the point of Single Stage, and I see the point of Progressive. I don't see the point of Turret, beyond cost savings... though to be fair, I don't see a lot of difference between LNL bushing systems and Turrets. If you do enough to use a Turret, I'd rather have a progressive as it should also have the case feeder, and so on.

As a final To-Be-Fair, RCBS does have a rifle bullet feeder, while Hornady currently does not, so if you're looking to progressive some .223, that's an edge for RCBS. (Assuming you want to stay entirely proprietary and not buy a specialty item, or mix and match.) I've heard Hornady is working on either a rifle bullet feeder, or a modification kit to their pistol bullet feeder. I've also seen an "off-brand" company that only makes a bullet feeder that'll work on (Theoretically) anything if you buy all the parts to convert it to what you're shooting.

If I were to buy used, Lee does have an interesting option, you can send your used press in, and for half the price, they'll factory recondition the thing to brand new. Of course, by the time you add up what you paid someone else, and the half-retail recondition price, you could have bought new, but I can see it being worthwhile for freebies, and inheritances/heirlooms.
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