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Five minutes later, dude comes back
You mean to tell me that you can't eat a 1/2 piece of cake in 5 minutes?

If I learned anything from this past election its 1. Just how libertarian I am and 2. Everything revolves around money and power.

Antis know that gun control doesn't affect crime. They tried it and tried it but it doesn't work. Exactly how is the crime rate in South Central L.A.? Chicago? Oakland? Camden, NJ? It is about power and money.

Also realize that a lot of anti gunners propose tons of new laws. I suspect one reason to be because of the view that guns should not be in the hands of criminals. The more laws you pass, the increased amount of guilty people their will be (saying this in the sense that if there were absolutely ZERO laws, there would be ZERO outlaws/criminals. If there are 10,000 laws, there will be a lot more than zero outlaws/criminals.) The more criminals you have, the less number of people can own guns legally. Thus is another way for gun control. Eventually everyone or enough people will become criminals that there will not be enough support to maintain a firearms industry.

Then who knows, maybe they'll say, "well if you were a criminal, you can't drive because you were exposed to too much stress from your arrest and court trial." Look at that! Cutting down on emissions now! Way to go environmentalists!!

This whole thing is a crock. By trying to limit what law abiding citizens can purchase and expecting a different group of people (law breaking citizens) to follow is silly, even to an elementary school kid.

And look at this murder in Belize with that McAfee on the run. The victim was shot in the head with a flare gun. Should their be an outlaw on flare guns even though the majority of thugs and criminals do not own boats, or go adventuring into the woods?

These anti people are trying to dummy/child proof the everyday life of people to make it that perfect world where there is no danger, but at the same time they want to do so that they can flex their muscle and say "We did this" when something goes right and say "We need more regulation" when something does not go their way. It is about them gaining power over people to instill their views over everyone.... NOT very Democratic.

Gun control activists are like people throwing gasoline on a fire. The more they through the gasoline on the fire, the more it gets worse and the more they feel the need that more gasoline would put the fire out. Doesn't quite make sense does it?
Segui il tuo corso e lascia dir le genti - Dante

Blaming guns for crime is like blaming the planes for 9/11
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