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Is 8 enough, 8 well placed bullets will do wonders. What any person that plans on defending themselves with a handgun needs to know how to shot their chosen gun. They need to know how to do a combat reload, they need to know how shot accurately. When a person decides to buy a gun for self defense or home protection they need to get good training. The way to improve your rate of survival is training and planning. I carry a S&W 686+ that 7 rounds of 38+P 125 grain of SJWP plus 2 speed loaders. I practice daily drawing and presenting my pistol, I practice reloading with snap caps I do in the dark or with my eyes closed. I am at the range weekly doing drills, shooting one handed off hand, from behind a barrel, both left and right handed. I shot from the ground, on my back on my sides. I do slow fire, single action and double action shooting, I do rapid fire drills. My father always told me if you want to be good at something you need to put in the time. My back up is a 12 ga. with buck shot.
All of these things are so true but, even with a well trained individual the accuracy drops dramatically when high levels of stress are added to the scenario not to mention if your getting shot at as well. Most of us can not train for being shot at. Your training routine is also not the norm even for LEO's. 90% of the gun carrying public need 90% more training! Myself included....
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