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We have a Browning A-bolt in 7mm mag.

My thoughts on it are that it is a bit too much gun for the local terrain and the local game. Its heavy woods and shots past 100 yards is uncommon. The largest game we commonly go after is whitetail deer, some of the largest getting to 250lbs.

If we shot a whitetail with it, I am sure it would put it down in its tracks. There are just so many other options that won't tear the animal apart as badly.

If you have wide open spaces and large game, or want to try shooting out to 1000 yards, it is a great option.

The .25-06 is really appealing personally. The .30-06 takes down the whitetail here with authority. Necking it down to a .25 gives a bit more velocity, something I really like. Plenty of speed and energy behind it to take down anything I need it to.
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