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Not to rain on your parade,

But i do a fair amount of clinics on portable deer stands.
I mentored a young lad that is now a firearms safety instructor and while doing a clinic with 120 kids 10-14 years old i took the lanyard off the climber and had him kick it free when he was 10 ft. up.
Well he being a football player and all around good athlete, he thought this was going to be easy. well he was glad to have practiced that and other safety harness mishaps low to the ground and with help at hand.
Monday when the young man fell 20 ft. I was looking up into that tall white spruce and thinking, what a job that would have been to extract anyone from that tree had he been tied in when the stand failed. How long would he have been able to live dangling in the tree?
I have been in National Rescue competitions in the past (and still wear the belt buckle) and have seen teams with all the gear money can buy not complete an extraction safely. (The safety officer of the drill stops the drill before someone else gets hurt).
The last deer i shot was at 10 yards and I was 5ft (my feet) off the ground in my API Magnum climber.
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