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If its a 329PD in good condition IMO . . . $600 is a 'no brainer'

If I saw that kind of price my first question would be "What's wrong with it ?" If the gun was good, my next question would be "What form of payment do you prefer ?" Grab it.

I have a 329PD and it is used for when I'm in the high mountain backcountry and while bowhunting. Its an excellent revolver. Lots of power in a lightweight package. I took the factory grips off of it and put them on another gun. Go with the 500 S&W grips or a custom grip. Mine is usually loaded with Keith type 255gr bullets doing around 1000fps, that is a healthy 44 Special load. (Factory available from Buffalo Bore). If I want to go heavier/faster I use a regular 4" barrel 629 or a Redhawk.

P.S. - - - now there may be a few conditions where a guy wouldnt want a 329PD, in my opinion. If he were looking for a gun to do a lot of shooting at the range and heavy 'plinking' with. Or if a guy wanted a dedicated hunting revolver. The 329PD is a lightweight carry gun. - - -But even then, given the price you quoted, it seems tough to go wrong with the purchase even if you soon sold it afterwards.

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