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I had read a post about someone that weighs there LC brass for uniformity before reloading it. I gave it a try and was surpriosed to find a variation of 10 grains. Isn't that enough to cause variation in case capacity which would mean higher and lower pressures ?

That is what happens when “I had read a post about someone that weighs there LC brass for uniformity before reloading it”, there is something called ‘rational’ or the reason why ‘someone’ weighed there LC brass. Then there is the ‘SHOCK’ to find all the weights do not match. In the responses you have you can see there are ‘sorta’ sorters, this stuff does not lock me up, nothing drives me to the curb. I purchased new, unfired, pull down cases from Houston, TX. and Pat’s reloading in Ohio. 4.000 total, why? I am a case former, nothing like forming cases that are new/unfired.

I am not a sorta sorter, I separate LC cases by weight, instead of acting like I was on twitter I do not run down the street yelling LC cases do not weigh the same, I sort my LC cases by weight, WHY? JIC, Just in Case it matters. JIC, the powder column of the military 30/06 is longer and smaller in diameter than the powder column of the 30/06 R-P case by .060”, no one on this forum or another reloading forum has acknowledge the diameter of the column and length of the column has an effect on or makes a difference when the trigger is pulled. They all believe the military case is thicker, that makes them half/right, for a column to be longer and larger in diameter the case head must be thinner, if the case is still heavier the weight must be in case body, SO, my 30/06 military brass has a thinner case head with a thicker case body, still heavier but not thicker in the case head and case body.

Then there is one of my rifles $120.00. 120 rounds, 6 boxes, 12 different loads, with 12 different case heads, 4 different bullets, 4 powders with different weights, new cases, once fired cases , commercial cases and military cases cases, etc., Groups only, no patterns.

There is sorting by head stamp, there is sorting by head stamp and date, there is sorting by weight, I am not a sorta separator, I can find difference between cases with the same head stamp, not a problem, I match cases by weight. Rational? Tumbling! I can tumble 120 cases, then spin/tumble in a case media separator and get all 20 cases back in the same box they started in.

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