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Like everything else you will get a pattern going that makes everything stay in order. I look at the powder in the case everytime I go to place a bullet. It might slow things down but that is fine with me. When things are set up, the powder is dialed in, and primer tubes loaded you will find loading 100 rounds takes only a few minutes to do.

I try to load 100 to 150 each evening and 300 one day of the weekend. At the end of the month it adds up. The time spent really isn't much. 20 to 30 minutes a night and maybe an hour one day of the weekend gets me around 1000 rounds loaded. Not much time really. The hardest part is paying for all those bullets, primers and powder to keep my press from gathering too much dust or rust. These short sessions makes it fun and easy for me. Putting in more time will just mean I need to place orders a lot more often.

It is good to know your press is finally working correctly. Now that you know what all those bits and pieces are for, it will become much easier to use your press. The press also comes with two bars for the powder measure. The small one will work for most pistol calibers. The large one is mostly for rifle.
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