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kahrguy posted
Lets see glock weight almost 5 to 6oz more , longer and wider than a cm/pm9 . As far as the trigger whinning goes if you don't have a close mind any smooth trigger can be mastered, heavy or light. Some feel on a smaller pistol the shorter light trigger can be a problem when under higher stress levels.
I always find it interesting that when objective pros and cons of different models are discussed - with a few opinions thrown in for good measure - some people seem to take it personally. I'm not bashing one or the other, I'm just discussing facts and objective observations here:

-The Kahr is smaller and easier to carry and conceal than the Glock.
-I've observed that many people, especially very experienced shooters, find the Kahr's trigger to be an impediment to fast, accurate shooting when compared with a trigger like on the Glock, Shield, PPS, etc.
-Many people like the extra safety measure of the Kahr's long trigger.

Kahrguy, I'm not maligning your Kahr and claiming the Glock is better in every way, I'm simply comparing the two and their respective pros and cons.
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