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Anybody remember the .451 Datonics?....suppose to be kind of a 45 ACP magnum. Same length case but thinner walls to hold more powder, needed a heavier recoil system to protect the gun.

I toured the Datonic's factory and they gave me the super duper recoil spring set up and a reamer for making .451 brass out of 45 ACP or 308 cases.

Never could figure out why one needed a 45 ACP magnum. Still have the reamer and recoil set up. Been in my junk drawer for over 30 years.


My kid helped one of his friends move and he gave my kid (Me) a bunch of ammo, including two boxes of that 223 WSSM............wth... looks like a bullet stuck on a can of powder. What for, long range Varmits? My 204 Ruger doees that.

The 204 is one that found the nitch, I like it.

Now to find someone who needs some 223 WSSM ammo.
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