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No longer ill suited!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!

I am no longer "ill suited"


The 550B press was loaded from the factory with the large primer drop tube and large primer shuttle. I switched out these parts to the small tube and small shuttle and the press now performs flawlessly.....

I loaded about 50 cases this AM without issue!!!!!!

The one thing that is a tad spookie is that the press lacks auto indexing and, if you are not very careful, this can lead to a double powder charge. I'm loading 9s so this situation is immediately apparent but I'll have to watch with other rounds where two powder charges can fit in one case.

I've never been a patient person..... and this will likely not change in the future.... I have been reloading rifle ammo in a SS since 1975, so hopefully, I can manage the progressive 550......

Hey, this is not brain surgery; right?
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