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I really don't like to hear this. I don't like shooting big, heavy bullets because of the recoil.
Then don't worry about it. The lighter bullets 150 and heavier will shoot just fine out of your 1:10 barrel.

Look at the recommendations bullet makers put on their bullets, "X twist of faster".................Meaning, you can use faster twist but not slower twist.

Hunting bullets, (not varmint but hunting bullets) made for the 300 jackets heavy enough to take the fast 1:10 twist.

Heavier bullets work better at long range because of the weight (wind bucking ablities) and better BC (Longer compared to the cal), not the twist.

Next time you go to the gun store, look at the bullets that list the recommended twist. its X or faster, not X or slower.

Or go to the Berger website, they list the recommended twist for their rifles. I've never seen anyone say X is too fast except for light jacketed bullets such as made for the Hornet or small varmits.
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