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Originally Posted by StressFire
Not nowadays, but at the time it was implemented $200 was a lot of money
Indeed it was, approximately the equivalent of $3,200 today. The fee would have had to be about $13 to be what we consider $200 "painful" today.

Even though the left would say that we don't have a RKBA, they have traditionally been adamantly opposed to ANY restriction on what they do believe is a "right". Classic example are voter ID laws and restriction on any time, place or manner of abortion.

Even when ID can be had for free, they call it "voter suppression". Even with types and timing of abortion so heinous that even only a handful (literally, like 5) abortion clinics will perform them and single digit percentages of Americans think they should be legal, the activists refuse to bend.

This is not to start an abortion debate, only to point out that even the left refuses to accept limitations, restrictions and any action that might "suppress" a right.

(Hey, maybe that's why they don't like silencers! It suppresses a right! Ha!)

So, in short, no, it's not OK to tax a right. If a $5 fee is too much for ID to vote, a $5 fee is too much too charge for guns, ammo, whatever else.
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