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I comformize: I like the 150 grn LSWC (Lyman bullet 358477).

Worked great (and still does) for me. I've put down a lot of moose, and a buffalo with that round pushed by 14.5 grs of 2400 out of my 4 in. Model 28.

Use the same bullet in my 642 to put down a horse last fall. Finished of more then on deer after a muffed shot.

Not to mention a rabbits and grouse for camp meat.

I don't know nor care what the FBI uses. Their needs aren't my needs.

Forget what someone else says, forget who uses what. Get some bullets, shoot them in your gun, see what works for you for the activity you ask your gun/ammo to preform.

I know this doesn't mean nothing, as all bullets (even the same bullets) react different shooting the same media. But both of these bullets were fired out of my 642, into the same media. One is a WW 135 gr +P, the other is my 150gr LSWC.

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