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CCI Mini Mag carton deal.

I was in Wal Mart the other day and went to the ammo counter,,,
CCI Mini Mags are still $6.77 per plastic pack of 100.

But then i looked lower on the rack and saw a plastic ammo can,,,
It was marked CCI Mini Mags, 40 grain LRN,,,
1,600 rounds for $98.00 even.

The monster animal is my cat, Bart the Maine Coon,,,
He's wondering what this thing is doing in his favorite nap spot.

The price per 100 cartridges rounds up to $6.13,,,
That's a savings of 64 cents per 100 rounds,,,
Or $10.24 per 1,600 cartridges.

That's not an earth shattering deal,,,
But noteworthy in that you also get a nice plastic can,,,
With a very nice handle and a lid with real hinges instead of a plastic fold.

Just thought I would pass this on to let you know,,,
That they are now available at Wal Mart.


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