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Ruger MK series pistols MKI/II/III are not "hard to clean". If you follow the manual it is simple. They are built like tanks, are very accurate, and reliable, and can be transformed into match grade target pistols with aftermarket parts if/when you become more serious about that.
I've field stripped Rugers, Ruger 9mms, Berettas, 1911s, Llamas, Bersas, craptacular Chino Hills pistols, Brownings, Neos, S&Ws, Colts, Walthers, Russian pistols, and dissassembled a variety of revolvers. Of all of the them, the Ruger .22s were the hardest. I could not successfully break down the target pistol we had more then three times over 20 years and I believe in field stripping pistols after every trip to the range. I'm no hardcore, but if I have problems stripping something down when using the manual
then they are difficult.
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