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Re: What about the Bersa 22s?,,,

I'm a fan of my Bersa Thunder 22,,,
Mainly because the little gun works so well.

It's plenty accurate and has the feel of a duty weapon,,,
It isn't a clone of the Walther PPK,,,
But fits the hand like one.

I have been shooting this gun for 18 months now,,,
With quality ammo it has never malfunctioned,,,
It likes Wal Mart Federal Bulk Pack,,,
and CCI Mini Mags (LRN or HP).

It has choked on only one ammo so far,,,
It doesn't seem to like Remington Golden Bullet,,,
But then again neither do my 22/45's, NEOS', or Cheetah.

And it is still less than $300.00 at Buds Gun Shop.


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