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Originally Posted by Sevens
ANYWAY, I'm reading today about the new Hornady .17 HM2, this is the one that followed the .17 HMR which the magazines just gushed over and they made it sounds like every gun owner in all the land bought 3 of them in the first week the round was out. (the .17HMR, not the HM2.) This mag is from 2004, I think.

In any case, I'm wondering how this short string of a ZILLION new cartridges has fared? Anyone who cares at all about the .327 Federal Magnum knows that I'm a fan of that obscure(ish) one, but I'm curious about all the others. It just doesn't seem like we have too many folks here in our forum that ever, EVER discuss loads for the .45 GAP, for example. Or the .480 Ruger. I'll bet some of you have never even heard of the .32 NAA.

I'm not much of a rifle guy, so I'm really curious about all the Ultra-mags, the RUMs, the Super-Short mags, all the new cartridges that just seemed to flood the market in a short span. They provided something that seemed like a good or marketable idea, but did folks STICK with them? Why does it seem like nobody in our forum ever discusses them?
17HM2: Silly idea. Hoped for success based on HMR. Serves no useful purpose. Doesn't do anything a 22LR won't do, won't do anything the HMR or 22mag will do. Doesn't even fill a niche. Ammo way too expensive. Pointless.

Super-Short Mags: Niche cartrdiges, I suspect killed by the failure of Winchester. At any other time, would have probably made it. Browning and Winchester only made guns for a couple years, at most. They weren't "needed" and never had time to fill their niche, though I think they would have. The 243WSSM and 25WSSM in particular.

45GAP: Much like the HM2, this is Glock trying to capitalize on name recognition and have their own cartridge. It's like the 40SW to the 10mm, except this time with no significant backing from enough agencies to jumpstart the sales. It's practically an admission by Glock that their grips are ridiculously huge, which I like since I have big hands but most people don't.

Any other questions?
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