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Lee, RCBS, Hornady, Dillon, and MEC have all sent me free(as in no money out of my pocket) replacement parts. Unfornuately, it's been my experience that Lyman doesn't do customer service. I've never gotten them to fix, or warranty anything. For this reason, I only buy used Lyman products now. With the others I make it a point to buy something from them every year.

I've gotten more free parts from RCBS than the others, but that's only because I needed more replacement parts from them. I suppose had they built it right in the first place, I wouldn't have needed the parts, but IMHO, I screwed something up by not using my brain to begin with.

If I could own only one press, it would be a Lee Classic Turret. If it was going to be a new single stage, and money was no object, it would be either a Forster Co-Ax, Redding 700 Ultramag, CH-4D Champion, or Lee Classic Cast.
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