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Depending on price...I'd buy it

The 92fs is a reliable, quality gun, with 18rd mags out there. However, a horrilbly long trigger. I mean real long. I can't stand it.
Agreed, on all points. The trigger, however, I would call a benefit. Being so long and heavy, there is no real need to carry with mechanical safety engaged, so long as one has a good, proper holster.

The trigger on the 1990 can, I believe, be fitted with a D spring conversion to make it lighter. The newer models cannot - mine is a 2010 and I was a bit disappointed to learn this. Stock trigger takes some getting used to, but after some practice I can bullseye womp rats from my T-16 all day long

Unless you are planning on shooting a lot of very hot loads, IMO, the locking blocks are a non-issue.

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